12th Wado-UK Presentation Evening 2019

This year's presentation was a little lower in numbers than those of recent years, but that did not detract from the enjoyment had from those in attendance. We also welcomed back Cheryl as our DJ for the evening, and had yet annother amazing buffet. All in all it proved to be an excellent way to finish off our 2019.

The night itself was made more memorable for the fact that we had the opportunity to reward our members for many and varied reasons, add to this the fact that we can help celebrate the achievements of our clubs too, means that the event is extremely rewarding for Wado UK also. 

The usual awards of squad certificates, club awards, and association awards were presented, and photographs of the presentations canbe seen below.

The 2020 Wado UK Association Awards

Left Jade Clark - Wado UK Service Award
Centre Megan Winter - Wado UK High Level Achievement Award
Right Aiden Wade - Emily Pierce Memorial Shield

The Chikara Club Awards

The Cottingham & East Hull Over 40's Club Awards

The East Hull Woodford Club Awards

The Shinken Club Awards

The Hull Zanshin Club Awards

Photography by Dean Dent

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