11th Wado-UK Presentation Evening 2018

The presentation night had a new feel to it this year, with Barry Meanwell stepping up to the mark and acting as MC for the evening. Barry did a great job I’m sure you would all agree, and we would like to thank him once again for his efforts, not only on the night itself, but in the build up to the event also. Whilst we are thanking people, we would also like to take the opportunity to show our gratitude to Jade, Gaynor, Shirley and Allison, for their contributions to setting up the venue during the day, running the various elements on the night, and providing what I hear was a fantastic buffet.
The night itself would not be the same without our membership of course, so to see so many of you there was a really pleasing result. Celebrating the achievements of our clubs and membership is not only important, it is also really rewarding and enjoyable. 

Over the years we have seen many people walk up for their moment in the spotlight, and as the years move on we have seen many people return to the spotlight. This shows not only that our members continue to succeed within karate, but that they are committed also. I’m sure this trend will continue, and that we will see many more repeat winners in the years to come.

This year then we saw the usual recipients of squad certificates, club awards, and the association awards to conclude the formal evening. All of these photos are below for you to relive the event, but they will be added to the website in due course also.
Finally then thank you all for your support of the event, and we will look forward to being back at Asylum in December of 2019 to do it all again on our 12th Presentation Evening.

The Emily Pierce Memorial Shield
Awarded since 2011

This award is in commemoration of Emily who sadly passed at a young age. It is designed to both recognise and reward the efforts of the recipient, who has overcome adversity to maintain their karate training, whilst at the same time preserve Emily's memory. The winnerfor 2018 was Jack Mathers from the Hull Zanshin Dojo.


The Wado UK Service Award

This award is designed to reward someone who has been instrumental in the development of Wado UK or its membership, through their help and assistance at such things as association activities. This year we chose Jason Turner of the East Hull Woodford Dojo, to recognise the many years of assistance at our competitions.

The Wado UK High Level Achievement Award

This award has been designed to reward the recipient for their achievements throughout the year. These achievements must have stood out in the eyes of the Wado UK Executive Committee, and would have done so because of their high caliber status. This year's winner was Paul Braid, chosen due to him being recruited onto the English Karate Federation coaching staff earlier this year.

Other association awards on the night were the traditional squad certificates. These can be seen below in the order of the Chikara Dojo, the Shinken Dojo, and finally the Hull Zanshin Dojo.

The club awards were presented as always by the individual club instructors. Below the recipients can all be seen as club groups, starting with the Chikara Dojo, the East Hull Woodford Dojo, the Shinken Dojo, and finally the Hull Zanshin Dojo.

The final presentation of the night was a buch of flowers presented to Gaynor Dent by Mason Meanwell. They were to recognise the effort made by Gaynor on behalf of Wado UK and its clubs.

Photography by Dean Dent

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