9th Wado-UK Presentation Evening 2016

If you were at the presentation night as a repeat visitor you will have noticed that the venue looked remarkably different on this occasion. Having the full venue really paid off and is something we will be aiming to repeat in the future. Our caricaturist also proved popular, Ray Allen circulating throughout the night providing many people with lasting mementos. Of course the two main aims of the function are to celebrate the achievements of our membership, and to have a good old get together in a less formal training environment. We think we achieved this as all the feedback we received was positive. Of course we now begin the process of planning for our 2017 event, which will actually be our 10th anniversary presentation. We will hopefully make it a very special night for those attending.

Below are the photos from the presentations, with the first four depicting a complete collection of each club's presentations. We think that each club presenting and introducing their own awards in one complete section was a definite improvement, and we will of course continue in this manner. We would like to thank each of the club instructors for agreeing to do this, and congratulate them on rising to the challenge. They did a great job.

Of course we would like to congratulate once again all those who received certificates or awards on the night, but also those that were referred to in our speeches. There are many success stories throughout the year with people reaching personal goals and objectives. These are also noteworthy along with the accolades given in the form of trophies. Well done to everyone, and let's hope that 2017 offers many more people the opportunity to achieve their goals. See you all at our 10th Anniversary Presentation next year.

The first association award is the Emily Pierce Memorial Shield. For 2016 the winner was Noah Shields

Noah is pictured below with Paul Braid

Emily Pierce

The next association award was the Association Service Award.

This award is designed to reward someone who has been instrumental in the development of Wado UK through their help and assistance at such things as association activities. Shirley Braid was this year's winner, following her assistance with our EKF licencing responsibilities.

Shirley is pictured below with her shield


The next award of the evening was the Association High Level Achievement Award.

This award has been designed to reward the recipient for their achievements throughout the year. The winner for 2016 was Jordan Taylor, following his selection to represent England at the Junior European Championships in bulgaria in February.

Jordan is seen below with his shield

High Level
All of the Association award winners can be seen below

Wado UK Awards

There was one Dan grade award for 2016

Jon Chia can be seen below with his Shodan certificate

Jon Chia

Our club award winners were introduced and awarded their trophies by their club instructors. They can be seen below folllowing each of the awards for
Newcomer, Service, Achievement, Kata and Kumite

The first club to make awards was the Chikara Dojo
Presented by Steve Balaam-Reed

The second club to make their awards was the East Hull Woodford club
Presented by Barry Meanwell

The third club to make their awards was the Shinken Dojo
Presented by Shirley Braid

The fourth club to make their awards was the Hull Zanshin Dojo
Awarded by Tony Dent

The photo below shows current and former members of John Moreton's krate group.
L-R Mark Ellwood Pete Dewar Tony Dent John Moreton and Barry Meanwell


Photography by Dean Dent

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