Wado-UK Presentation Evening 2008

On Friday 28th November 2008, around 230 of the Wado-UK membership met at the Hull University for their end of year presentation evening. The venue had been chosen for its central location to the city and had the added advantage of being at student bar prices. It was good to see so many tickets had been sold, as events like this are often difficult to accurately project how many people will attend. The capacity of 250 was almost reached, which helped create a great atmosphere.

The evening was a way of rewarding and recognising those who had represented Wado-UK and those who had achieved personal goals. The actual presentations took the form of certificates and magnificent Samurai figures. The certificates were given to all those who had competed for the squad and those achieving Dan Grade, while the samurai figures went to those who had been selected for the club awards.

Dan Grade Awards | Wado-UK Squad Members

The club awards were given to those students who had set themselves apart in four main areas. Those areas were Achievement, Service, Kata and Kumite. These students were awarded their Samurai figures by their club instructors, with all their club-mates and families looking on. The winners of these awards were;

For achievement

Isobel Glazzard, Emily Rymchuk, Mathew March

Stacie Moxon, Simon Moreton and Jake Owston.

For Service

Josh Ralph, Chris Fogg, Simon and Jackie Newton,

Samantha Pullen, Paul Braid and Amy Rose.

For Kata

Thomas Balaam-Reed, Xiao Li Wang, Jordan Todd

Barbara Magay, Phillip Weeks and Joe Rose.

For Kumite

Ashleigh Clarkson, James Wood, Jessica Newton,

Jessica Bates, Harry Oetegenn and Joe Munro.

Wado-UK also rewarded the people who they thought where deserving for their efforts. There were two main awards given, the first of which was a Service Award. It was decided that for all the hard work looking after competitors on competition days and exceptional fund raising activities, the award should go to Allison Munro.

The second award was a High Level Achievement Award. The decision this year was to reward Barry Meanwell with this award for his competition successes both at home and abroad.

To finish the evening off, a special lifetime achievement award was made to Sensei John Moreton, president of the Wado-UK. After nearly forty years as a practicing Karateka and with an outstanding career in the art, it seemed a fitting tribute to make to a man who has excelled in his chosen field. A collection from all the Dojo instructors and senior students enabled the purchase of a presentation watch and cufflink set. The presentation itself was made by John’s Woodford club captain of many years, Mr Barry Meanwell.

All the feedback was positive with everyone enjoying the evening. Here’s to a successful 2009.

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